I match you with Yahiko!

Yahiko is incredibly hardheaded. While he doesn’t always catch an attitude, he’s still difficult to deal with. Seeing that you’re the same way, it might be easy to deal with each other, because you both know what it’s like to be stubborn and want things to go your way? Hopefully you two could empathize with each other’s feelings and frustrations. However, could always go the other way too. Maybe the opposites attract idea is more likely to work with you? But then again maybe not. Because Yahiko is also very understanding. If he feels that his hardheaded attitude is creating trouble in the relationship he’ll definitely tone it down, and try to find a way around it so he doesn’t upset you. That being said, when you get like that, it is a little difficult for him to stay calm, but he’ll try to remind you to ease up a little and not to let yourself get so upset because it’s “not good for you”, as he’d put it

I can definitely see Yahiko loving video games, Super Smash Bros would be his favorite. But he’s more likely to pick a day outside with you over sitting around and playing video games, so he can balance the two hobbies. ‘Balancing’ would probably be a huge factor in the relationship actually, no matter what aspect we’re talking about. Whether it’s that hardheaded tendency, where you two could hopefully see both sides and understand each other. Or the video games and spending the day out together. He’s also not much of a reader, so hopefully you could persuade him to take up a few books and get into it, while also easing him into the idea of music. Though I think he’d take up to your violin rather easily. He’s probably lacking in skill when it comes to playing instruments, so he’d be fascinated with the violin and would ask a lot of questions. He’s also the type who calls every instrument a violin. A viola, a cello, he doesn’t know the difference. All violins. You’d have to educate him a little

Other possible matches: Suigetsu, Rock Lee, Asuma