so I finished with those matchups pretty fast, and I had fun writing those so I’m opening them again. Probably opening tomorrow at 4 pm central time, and still accepting 7

But please wait until I make the “match ups open” post to send it in or it won’t be counted. I’ve had problems with this style of accepting requests in in the past, it’s a little tricky to keep track of what comes in and when, but I’ll try this style out again. Just want to give everyone a warning that I’ll have to delete the match up if it comes in before I make the post, and if it doesn’t follow the rules 

But a note: I understand descriptions were probably short the first round because you guys just wanted to send them in fast, but I do mean it when I say they can be pretty long. It gives me more material to go off of, but just try not to make it too much, and not filled with information that won’t help me out? I know that’s subjective, so try to go off of that little list I made on that rules post I just linked. Longer descriptions could mean that I write a longer match up, just depending on if the info you give me allows that

I’ll also reiterate this, sending through my submit is extremely helpful, and I’ve been told by people who have difficulty getting their requests through with the regular ask box, that the submit option works so much better. Should be this link here