My bad with the inactivity this weekend I went to a party last night and whoooooo like let me tell y’all
Cops busted the party and my ass did some shinobi shit over the nearest fence and I 1. Basically lacerated my palms sliding on the wood and they were bleeding and shit they’re just scarred and have like 2million splinters in there SHIT 2. When I jumped off I like landed on a metal pole and it went right into my thigh so i haven’t been able to walk for a good 15 hours. Idk what I did but there’s a huge huge bruise and something popped outta place it’s wild. So I’m just chillin, all my Med school and bio major pals taking care of me lmaoo but I can’t really type that well and don’t have my laptop bc I’m not at my dorm. But I’ll be writing imagines in my notes so I can upload them tomorrow. Also will get a match up or two done!