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Rock Lee


•When in a crowd with his s/o, he’s attatched to them. You know how if you’re with a big group of people you worry about being alone or someone wandering off but nah, Lee would stay right next to his s/o and wouldn’t wander off or leave them

•He would love matching shirts oh my god. He doesn’t really understand that it’s corny, he just sees it as a “bonding” type of sentiment, and it’s kind of his way of showing off the relationship

•Goes all out for anniversaries and special dates. He remembers every single one, and it’s highly likely he’d remember before his s/o

•Of course would try to have his s/o work out with him, but if he sees that’s not in their interest, he’d just enjoy it if they sat around and watched him train. It’s an incentive for him to push harder, and it gives him a sense of pride that his s/o is there, even if they’re not exactly cheering him on. It still feels that way to him though, the fact they’re there at all means a lot


•When he’s about to come, his thrusts get ridiculously erratic it’s almost insane, and (of course if he has permission to finish inside) he always tries to push in as deep as possible with his last thrust, he feels like it makes the moment all the more intense and intimate

•Lee has extremely sensitive thighs. Just the lightest of touches along his thighs drives him crazy. If his s/o runs their hand along his thigh he’ll jump ten feet in the air. He finds it extremely embarrassing, but it’s his weakness

•His orgasms are heavy and he rarely has a “mild” one. Even when he goes for another round they’re still really intense, even if a little dry. Yells out, shakes and twitches, the whole nine yards

•Praise kink? Will praise his partner after sex and talk about how great they were, but equally loves it if they return the praise. It makes him feel good and motivates him to do even better next time