I match you with Naruto & Suigetsu!

Suigestu is just a chill guy. Kind of a prick sometimes but overall, always fun and always has you laughing, even if it’s because he’s being an idiot. For the most part though, he’s not unnecessarily annoying with you, he just does it with people that annoy him sometimes. Like Karin and even Sasuke. It’s just to get them riled up. He’ll do the same with you and tease you about all kinds of stuff, but not your insecurities. He might accidentally do that once without knowing it upsets you, and then he won’t do it again. But he can be forward and serious when the time calls for it, especially knowing that you need that balance. I see him liking video games, but gets a little salty if he loses. Also, he’d probably poke fun at you for being on tumblr all the time but it would slowly start to grow on him, especially memes. He just might make his own tumblr one day but keep it a secret

Naruto is also a fun guy all around, but is definitely borderline annoying if he’s not careful. But I think he’s calmed down a lot, and wouldn’t want to jeopardize the relationship with his obnoxious personality. He’s adventurous and always looking forward to new things, so he’d be able to keep up with you in that sense, and will often try and drag you out on little adventures to keep things interesting. He really can’t stand dull moments. Anxiety isn’t something Naruto fully understands, even though he’s definitely experienced harsh anxiety in his lifetime. But if you ever needed to vent that to him or explain it to him he’d be very understanding, and from that point on would try and make sure he did little things to make sure you were comfortable and never uneasy. And Naruto talks so much, so he’s not going to care how much you talk. He’d think it was silly that you were concerned about that

Other possible matches:

Shikamaru, but adventure isn’t exactly his calling. He’s not the type to get up and go for the sake of fun and having a good time. He might be a little too dull for you at times. While he can be funny and crack some jokes, it’s more of a dry, subtle, smartass humor, which isn’t always fun

Kankuro has the same problem, his humor won’t always be your humor. And out of all of these boys, he’s most likely to let something slip about your insecurities. He’d apologize but he’d do it again just as fast. He’s just not the most careful guy out there, so that might be a problem. He also asks a lot of dumb questions. He can’t help it. He misses easy and basic things sometimes so that might get annoying fast