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Byakuya Kuchiki

•Stoic of course, it takes quite a while before he’s driven to initiate sex on his own, but when the urges are taking over, it’s really impossible for him to shake it off

•Because of that usual stoic behavior, it might be easy to tell when the atmosphere changes around Byakuya, and he seems more lively and maybe even a little fidgety. He might give her longing and more intent looks from across the room, just to pique her interest, just until he puts his little plan into effect

•Starts with sensual touches. When he first approaches her, it might seem like casual conversation, but it’s obvious he has more intense and intimate motives. Speaks to her in a low voice, might ask how her day went, if she’s tired, what she plans to do for the rest of the day. All while gently touching her neck or arms. Taking her hand into his. Putting a hand on her waist

•Then that smooth talking really takes effect. He’ll tell her how he’s already taken the liberty to dismiss all the house servants for the day, so they can have some alone time. Or how he has papers to write up, but that he thinks he can hold off on that for a while. Never directly tells her what he wants, but he definitely alludes to it in that deep, somber voice

•When he knows he’s reeled her in, he’ll be super smooth and take her chin between his thumb and pointer finger, then dip down to kiss her, slowly but deeply. Whether it’s just that little kiss to establish what he wants, or if it shifts into a heated make-out session, it just depends with Byakuya, and how well she reacts to it. Then his touches get more bold, slipping a hand down her back and to her ass, gripping her thigh, caressing and massaging her chest, just until he can get her into the bedroom

•Could also start out the entire night with a romantic dinner, telling her earlier in the day that she should clear her schedule for tonight because he has ‘plans’ for them, making it obvious that whatever this plan is, will extend longer than just dinner