Naruto Uzumaki

Since I have a few here already these won’t be as long


•If Naruto ever got hold of a camera then it would pretty much be the object of his s/o’s annoyance for a while. Or assuming phones in Naruto have cameras, Naruto is pretty obsessed with them for a while. He’s the type who tries to plan out photos to make them look like cute candids. Would also take lots of photos of his s/o sleeping because he thinks it’s so cute

•Loves giving surprise kisses. At the beginning of a relationship especially, when he’s still a little giddy and uncertain, he’ll give his s/o fast kisses before they depart so he can run off and ignore how embarrassed he is. Likes cheek and forehead kisses especially

•Lots of tickling. Mostly when he thinks his s/o is mad at him and he needs a way to cheer them up. He knows there’s a risk that it’ll just anger them even more, but he’d still try anyway


•He’s pretty loud in bed. It’s not obnoxious, but doesn’t hold anything back, and probably couldn’t if he tried tbh. He doesn’t cuss that often, but he does let out “shit” sometimes, but mostly it’s “damn” or a long, drawled out “ahhhhhhhhh”, almost sounds like a half chuckle, he just can’t believe how good it feels

•Pretty great at fingering. It’s not that he’s precise or knows exactly how to work his partner, but he’s just so eager and enthusiastic? He thinks it’s fun, so that combined with his need to please makes him really good

•He really can’t look down to see his dick sliding inside his partner or else he’ll probably come on the spot. It’s just so sexy and a little surreal to him, no matter how many times he’s done it. He has to keep his eyes away if he wants to last a decent amount of time