I can try for NSFW since I do it for other chimera ants, but Meruem is pretty much full on ninja turtle so bear with me and imagine human au or something



•Most of his feelings will be internal. But he’ll listen to his s/o all the time, which might be telling of how much he cares. He wants to hear their thoughts and understand how they feel, just to quench his curiosity and know how he should go about acting in a relationship. It’s pretty much a learning process for him

•No domestic fights or arguments. He’s too passive and will only get irritated if he doesn’t understand something, or if his partner stirs trouble on their own. He’s fairly volatile given specific circumstances, but it’s not often that occurs. When he does fight with his s/o, he tries to understand where they’re coming from first, but can definitely lose his temper if he finds their concerns silly and irrelevant. But he also has a habit of stopping halfway through a fight and going “Oh. I see the problem now.” Then he walks away and leaves it at that. His partner might have to deal with the frustration of unfinished business

•Jealousy isn’t really something he understands, but he can feel it at times. It’s mostly if his s/o is being entertained by someone else, like if that someone piques their interest or catches their attention. Meruem starts to wonder if he’s not doing that for his s/o too, and what he’s doing wrong. So it’s a little jealousy mixed with curiosity and even doubt

•Meruem is very much the kind of guy who looks for personality over anything else. So if his s/o’s personality starts shifting, or he’s unable to handle quirks and flaws in their attitude, he’s likely to voice it. He’d rather speak about it then let it fester inside, and he’s not the type to hold back his opinions anyway


•Lets his partner do all the work. Not in a lazy way, but he’d prefer that they guide the process so he can see what they like. If it were up to him, he’d go at an awkwardly slow pace, to the point that it wouldn’t be enjoyable. Without direction and guidance, he’s not likely to offer them anything noteworthy, so he needs to know what to do and how to do it

•He wouldn’t really know how to initiate sex either. He could be the type to just openly ask if his partner was in the mood to have sex, and is hardly offended if they say no. His sex drive isn’t very high anyway. So if they’re up for sex, cool. If not, also cool

•He’s good with his hands? He’s inclined to treat his partner more than he’s interested in his own pleasure. Very much of a giver instead of a receiver, and likes to explore his partner’s body with his hands and see what feels best for them. It’s one of the only times he’s enthusiastic and actively partaking in the sex. He’s just very curious about what gets them going

•In general, it’s that curiosity that makes sex appealing. He’ll often ask his partner what feels good, what doesn’t feel good, what’s “supposed” to feel good. It’s his way of gaining feedback, and he might develop some small praise kink because of it

•Can only really handle one round. The idea of exhausting himself and his partner just isn’t appealing (even if he probably has decent stamina). He just likes getting his fill and leaving it at that, choosing to save another round for another day. It’s kind of a delayed gratification thing