I’ll be honest I’ve never played otome games so let’s see if I can do this, also these ended up being one long headcanon because I couldn’t think of too much

Tobirama thinks it’s just silly, and might get annoyed at how childish it seems. I don’t see him getting jealous per se, though her obsession with these fictional men might occasionally fluster him because why does she need to fawn over fictional men when she has him?? He’d more likely to vilify and badger her for being “foolish” and “wasting time on a stupid game”, mostly for that exact reason, but also if irritation is getting to him. I don’t think that frustration would vent out during anything NSFW, though he might make some smart-ass comment in the bedroom like “Why waste your time with stupid games when we could be doing this, _____“ 

Madara won’t pay much attention to it for the most part. It’s only if and when she continues to talk about it that he’ll get annoyed, and that will subsequently turn into something along the lines of jealousy when she’s not paying enough attention to him. He also think it’s just unnatural and a little ludicrous for her to be so obsessed with it, it might just weird him out a little. As for NSFW, probably not a big factor for him either. He might try and distract them by hinting at sex and leading them into the bedroom or something, but aggressive as Madara is, he wouldn’t want to get rough and heavy to vent out any frustration, that would hurt his pride because it’s just a game. He doesn’t want to blow up because of that

It probably gets to Neji the most. He swears it’s just because he thinks it’s stupid and childish, but when he sees that she’s really getting into it he’s just like??? Why these digital men??? What’s so great about them??? He doesn’t get what’s so interesting about it, it’s just weird and the graphics just freak him out and in general, Neji is just confused. He’ll inquire about it, and after hearing how much she likes it, it just furthers the confusion and then the frustration, which might lead to jealousy. Part of him will want to see what’s so captivating about these virtual men, wondering if they’re using some odd seduction tactics that his s/o finds intriguing. Neji will be the dork who might try and emulate what he sees in the game just to satisfy her and gain her attention back, including in the bedroom, but he’ll hate doing it, and refuses to admit he’s jealous, of course