•He’s a pain to live with. Will come home and undress but will leave his clothes in a trail on the floor. Leaves dishes out to “soak”. He’s really just a mess. You would have to have some semblance of cleaning to even deal with him, because no matter how often you scold him, he’s still going to make a mess

•Likes playing games with his partner. Go, shogi, chess, really anything. Could even be cute little board games

•Gets inspiration for his writing from his partner. Asks them opinions on what he should do, but he’d often times be like “hmmmm I don’t think I like that… not innovative enough” so he gets a little annoying

•Awful when it comes to dinner and meal times. He half expects you to be the one to bring home food or make dinner, and when neither of you do it, it’s just a chaotic mess because he refuses to go and get food, he’s too lazy. He would claim there’s something about his partner preparing a meal for him that’s just so “special”, just to try and persuade them to go out and get the food or at least the groceries to prepare it, but it hardly ever works

•It’s a little odd but he loves watching his partner get all dressed up? Could lead into something more NSFW with role play and all that, but he’d like to judge your outfits and see what you planned on wearing, kind of like his own personal fashion show. He’ll swear he has a sense of fashion and tell you when something doesn’t look good, but if you gave him the opportunity to pick out an outfit for you it would be the most god awful thing ever, and probably much too revealing


I have a few here already, and idk how to do a “what it’s like to live with him” in terms of NSFW but I can try for a few, plus some more general

•His idea of foreplay, or at least trying to seduce his partner is basically messing with them until they can’t endure it any longer. Whether that’s pinching their butt in passing or trying to smooth talk right against their ear throughout the day. It doesn’t always work, sometimes it’s just annoying, but it has yielded success on the rare occassion

•He’s also kind of a nudist. You could come home and he’d be on the couch barely dressed in anything, if at all. He says it’s because it makes him feel “free”. And if he’s not expecting any company other than you than it shouldn’t matter right? He hopes it leads to something nsfw, and might offer to put on a little show” for you

•Of course a little too open when it comes to his sex life, especially if it’s with a partner he really likes and is excited about. He’d learn to tone it down, but sometimes he lets it slip. Jiraiya could be talking to Tsunade, or god help him, Naruto, and complain about how sore he is, and inadvertently mention “oh yeah, it’s probably because _____-chan and I tried this new thing last night—” and Naruto learns to cut him off before he goes into detail because that’s nasty he doesn’t wanna hear that

•Jiraiya really likes attention on his balls. He’s super sensitive down there. When his partner is giving him head, and maybe they’re a little too sloppy, sometimes their saliva might dribble down on his balls and it drives him crazy