•Orochimaru has this thing where he plots beforehand. He’ll try to subdue his urges as long as possible until he can’t hold back any longer. But he’ll have formed some fort of plan to get his partner to concede with those urges by that time, at least hopefully. Because if not, and he’s going into it without trying to charm or tempt them, and it might be messy

•His sex drive isn’t high anyway, so if he’s sexually frustrated it’s actually a little easy to put him off. If his partner is being stubborn and somehow angers him, he’s actually not likely to take that out on them, it just won’t add to the sexual frustration. He’s just regularly frustrated. So it’s best not to take those moments where Orochimaru is in the mood for granted, because they disappear just as easily

•But sexually frustrated sex will probably be the most pleasing sex with him. Normally, he’s all about teasing and prolonging, but he’s more likely to get to the point when he just wants to go at it. Minimal foreplay, some fingering and rubbing, but he’s not likely to go down on his partner. He doesn’t like giving oral anyway, even if that tongue of course alludes to some great oral. But he won’t have the patience for that 

•Could be a bit heavy on orgasm denial though, but only if he remembers to adhere to his partner during sex too. It’s less wanting them to feel good and more that their torment adds to his pleasure

•In general he’s pretty selfish and will chase his own release. Halfway through his thrusts will pick up in pace and he’ll just go for his orgasm

•Of course not going to let his partner dominate him. He’d enjoy it if they tried to get on top and fight him though, it just gives him more of a reason to go harder and rougher


•Kabuto lets the frustration sit for a quite a while before it takes effect. Sometimes it will actually just blow over, which he’s thankful for. Other times, when his endurance breaks, that’s when he has to act out on the frustration. It’ll be all at once and his partner probably won’t even know what’s going on. Comes to them no matter what they’re doing and drags them off into the bedroom

•He’s very quiet and won’t speak much, maybe other than giving them a subtle warning like “I need this now”

•There’s a very small chance he’d allow his partner to top, but only if they caught him off guard in the heat of the moment, and as long as they still tended to his urges. If he’s still getting pleasure out of it then that’s fine with him, it’s easier for him to give in, but they can’t degrade or humiliate him or else he’s gonna punish them 

•Might tie his partner up. He thinks resorting to bondage would be advantageous so he could take them while they’re restrained. A little harsh, but he’d prefer they not move around too much. Just wants to use them 

•Thrusts are hard and fast, only focuses on that, has his eyes closed most of the time so he can just really reach for that pleasure

•He’s also more likely to just jerk off and get rid of the sexual urges, rather than waiting for the opportunity to come along to use his partner. Masturbating is a little gross to him, but he gets it over with fast