While I imagine he does take his work outs seriously, I don’t see him giving up the chance to fool around with his s/o. The adrenaline from his work out should probably lower his sex drive but for Phinks, it just hypes him up

Given that the space around them is sufficient, he’ll take her on the spot. Some nice half clothed sex where he can just bend her over the nearest surface, or pull her to the ground. He’s sweaty anyway so he doesn’t really mind if his clothes get dirty

He feels super cocky after work outs and that’s definitely going to show during sex. He’ll be smirking and grinning and teasing her, enjoying every little noise she lets out. Might try his luck with orgasm denial, though Phinks is pretty bad when it comes to that. He can hardly stave off his own orgasm, let alone learn how to reach the peak of pleasure and try to stop. Once something feels good, he chases it

Which honestly, might lead to Phinks coming a little too early. While the working out didn’t hinder his sexual urges, it definitely heightened his body’s excitement, and he only has so long until he can’t hold in anymore. So his girl should expect Phinks to reach his orgasm first. He’d be super embarrassed though, trying to push past that and convince her that he’d “take care of the unfinished business” once he was ready to go again, which might not be long. He has pretty great stamina