Ooooomg yasssss fam



•Tobirama hates having to go the extra mile when seducing his s/o. It hurts his pride to have to ‘play games’, as he’d called it. And like 30% of the time, he’ll just refuse to make a move and hope that his urges wear off later. When they don’t, he hates it even more. He can entertain the hard to get act for a while until it starts frustrating him, which only rouses his motivation

•He’d probably try making little witty comments every now and then, maybe uncharacteristic jokes to loosen his s/o up and catch them off guard

•Definitely gets a bit more touchy. It’s always a little surprising to see Tobirama break from his stoic shell and initiate those things, even if he is capable of being intimate and touchy with his s/o on the regular. But these are pretty bold touches. If his s/o is really sticking to the hard to get role, and they’re not giving in at all, Tobirama’s like ‘if that’s how you want to play then fine’

•Might just go for it and pinch or grab their ass in passing, or before he’s about to leave for work or something. Acts like it’s casual as hell, saying something as he does it like “I’m leaving, I’ll see you tonight”. Casual, but it promises something a bit more saucy (((:

•Also goes for a typical move like catching them and caging them against a wall, between his arms. It might come off as incredibly intimidating, because it’s Tobirama, that’s just how he looks. But he’d get this subtle smirk on his face and he’d try to smooth talk them somehow. It entirely depends on what he says. Tobirama’s either successfully smooth or can’t get into the suave demeanor at all. No in between


•He really likes going for neck kisses, but they get hotter and more intent with every passing second. He doesn’t like leaving hickeys on his partner in visible places, but sometimes he forgets because he’s just so into it

•If they’re still stubborn or playing hard to get and not reacting in full, he might think it’s amusing, especially if he can actually feel and see that they’re aroused. Then he lets out this short, deep little chuckle right in their ear and might tease them, something like “You’re not fooling me"

•Going down on his s/o is something that doesn’t always excite Tobirama, he’s just not a huge fan, but he admits it’s extremely rewarding when he does and he sees how much it gets to them, how much pleasure he can bring them. Because when he does go down, his s/o should indulge the opportunity. Like damn he’s pretty good with his mouth (he hates having his hair pulled, and with the way he can work that tongue, it’s inevitable—another reason why giving oral isn’t always his go-to move). He’s not overly confident or cocky, but he does acknowledge that he can get those reactions out of them, so he knows he can use it as a trump card if he ever needs to



•Lots of little kisses throughout the day that get a little bolder as time passes. Could start out on the forehead, and suddenly he’s leaving kisses really low on their neck and on the shoulders

•His demeanor shifts. Usually he’s pretty chill, but he’d be a little darker in general. You’d hear a smooth edge to his voice, he’d cut any chit chat short and change the subject, asking what his s/o had planned later on and maybe throwing in a humorous comment about how they’ve been lacking some intimacy and “alone time"

•Gets this little charming but slick thing going on too. Picture his s/o working at the kitchen table and Shisui slides in, props himself up on an elbow and gets real close to them. He could try to initiate a casual conversation, but the proximity is what counts. He wants them to know he’s inviting them in to get up close and personal

•Shisui isn’t a fan of the hard to get act either, but it’s less likely to rile him up and instigate a challenge than it is to kind of turn him off. The act gets a little tiresome after a while, and he’s concerned he might misinterpret his s/o’s wishes if they’re not 100% on track with his own

•However, it could have the opposite effect if Shisui’s just really raring to go. The hard to get act will make him want to put in extra effort and reach his goal. He wants to see if he can get them right where he wants them. He’s usually up for a challenge 


•When those kisses get hot and heavy he’ll go for their neck and collar bone until he can just pull their shirt down to nip and lick at their chest. Also won’t hold back on some mild biting, especially on their nipples

•He’d pull his partner to him and get all handsy, feeling all down their sides and chest. He could either initiate a nice slow make out session, or he could just go at it in the heat of the moment. Though with the prior, he’d grind into them with an equally meticulous pace to try and tease them a little 

•Shisui is very good with his hands, whether it’s just rubbing and stroking or fingering. It’s like his hands never tire. He can go on for an hour with the same enthusiastic pace that he started with, so that might be his go-to for general foreplay and trying to get them in the mood

•Because of that, he’d probably try to get his s/o close to the verge of coming with those skilled fingers, and pulling away at the last second. He knows it’ll frustrate them, but that’s all part of his plan to seduce them

•To really build up anticipation and get his s/o going, he likes to completely undress them and slowlyyyyy kiss down their body, or maybe not even kiss, just hover close to their skin and gently nip at sensitive spots as they pass, never giving his partner complete satisfaction. What a little shit