oh gosh I try to do all headcanons that come in because I know some people have different tastes but this was so difficult for me to do AHHH I can only do this if I imagine a young Hiruzen so bear with me. I’m putting this under the cut because idk I feel like I should

Hiruzen Sarutobi

•On the smaller side, not exactly hitting 6 inches

•All one girth, maybe slightly bigger at the head but other than that, there’s a base thickness to it, and it’s an average girth too, not too small but not big either

•Head shape is like an arrow, or a rocket, and is a little dark in complexion than the rest of his skin

•Little to no veins, rather smooth

•Always had really crazy pubes and could never get past that embarrassment

•Most sensitive on the underside and in general, on the head