awww sorry you missed it :/ I did open it later than I normally do mostly for this exact reason, because I’m sure some people don’t get to request regularly since I always open the box earlier in the day. I’ll change the time again next time. but thank you ❤

I’m doing pretty well! Weekend is finally here and I’m excited, thank you! ily

When I first read this the other night it was really late and I laughed out loud like everyone was deadass sleeping I’m sure I scared people awake, I was just imagining this in my head omfg so funny

LOL that’s my friend Abanoub, I can’t tell him though because he’s such a narcissist he’ll go on about himself for hours if someone says he’s cute. He literally printed out a picture of himself and put it in his dorm omg I have to put a pic of it on sc one day so you can see it, he’s so dumb

Ahhhhh this is a touchy subject so to anyone who this might make feel uncomfortable, my bad, but: Yeah my three closest friends here in college (especially my roommate, been one of my closest friends since literally Kindergarten) are all Arab. I do know how cruel society can be and it frustrates me because I’m so close to my friends and I hate that it’s like that. I love them though and of course, I get to eat bomb ass food all the time

Yes ((((: been working on it all week (((: probably won’t be done for a while though, and I don’t want to give way to it just yet, but I’m excited and hopefully some of you will be too 

these came in after I closed the box! Sorry!