I match you with Minato and Naruto (Is that weird oh well)

Minato appreciates that you like to learn and take in information. It lets him know you’re not closed off and maybe even adventurous, or ambitious. He really loves ambition in a partner, he likes knowing you’re not dull? Not bland and maybe even lazy? Not that he’d hate that, but it just keeps the relationship exciting and he’d like to explore new ideas and hobbies with you, because he really is very open minded, and would equally enjoy it if you introduced him to all of your interests. Reminds him why he’s so interested in you because he admires that

He’s also the type who would let you put makeup on him. It hurts his pride just a little bit but he knows it’s all in good fun. He’d also really like sculpting or wood carving. During work and when free time presented itself, he’d love taking up sculpting and carving as a hobby. It’s relaxing and you two could have fun with it, and he’d like to display your favorite pieces in the house and might even work on his own special project in private and give it to you as a birthday gift one day. Minato’s extremely passive too, so it’s unlikely he’d ever lose his temper and resort to yelling and aggression. He’s actually quite nervous around that too, even though he’s trained as a shinobi not to let it hurt his disposition. It still bothers him though, and he’d understand why you felt that way, so he’d be careful to watch even raising his voice around you. But because of that he might be a little nervous in the mornings when you’re grumpy. He’d steer clear and make certain not to get in your way. He’s a little timid at times so you gotta be careful getting like that around Minato

As for his sex drive, it’s not incredibly high, but he’d tend to your needs regardless. In general, Minato’s sex drive will match his partner’s (or maybe just a bit below) just so he makes sure that you’re satisfied and not feeling neglected. Minato’s also the type who would subtly reassure you of your weight if he could tell you needed it, though he’d also figure that he shouldn’t say something on days that you seemed alright, just for the sake of not bringing up the subject

Naruto would equally enjoy an expressive s/o, because it gives him an outlet for his charisma and he doesn’t feel so bad about his occasional hyper personality. That of course means he’s a very fun partner, who can laugh 90% of his problems off, even if they’re directed at him. Naruto would be more likely to adhere to your wishes to feel feminine, mostly because he can be a bit traditional (mostly out of chivalry?) and will keep the roles between you two specific, but it won’t be stifling either. He’s the type who will stop you from doing anything that involves too much manual labor and do it for you, because hey he’s the guy, you’re the girl. But he’s not the “girls can’t do anything athletic at all ever” type of dude either, if that makes. Naruto secretly likes drama too, so he’d like to discuss it with you but there’s honestly only so much he can take before he feels bad about it. He’ll only shit talk for so long before he’s like wow I’m a bad person I gotta stop 

Naruto’s sex drive is likely to be average or more than average, especially if he knows you’re looking for a high sex drive. So he’d honestly be a little excited about that. Also, I definitely picture Naruto enjoying concerts, like he’d love hitting up ACL and jamming out at concerts, he just loves being outdoors too

Other possible match ups:

Kankuro is an option, he definitely likes that you’re into different art forms, but he’s not always very fun? He can laugh at jokes and even laugh at himself but it’s not often his humor extends farther than a few inside jokes, and he’s also not very open minded at times. So that can be a little frustrating and generally make you feel like you can’t be yourself with him 

Kiba, though while he loves being outside and having fun in general, he’s less likely to laugh at himself, he tries to defend his pride and would get a little too grumpy. So that might be a big problem. Kiba would have a high sex drive though, I can see that