Byakuya Kuchiki


•When he first starts to like someone, he’s extremely stand-offish, and will do everything in his power to keep away from them. It’s kind of a defense mechanism. Too strong of feelings kind of throw him for a loop so he hopes by avoiding that person, the feelings will deter. It’ll probably have the opposite effect though, distance makes the heart grow fonder after all

•Which means the times that Byakuya lets on to his affections will be tense, and frustrating for him. His crush might catch him staring intensely, and he’ll pry his eyes away much too quickly. Or he might be the type who pretends to forget their name just so he appears casual, even if it comes off as rude and arrogant

•Communication with Byakuya is a little unnerving. Of course he’s so unapproachable this his s/o might wonder when the right time may be to speak to him about problems, or if they should at all, so it could definitely cause tension and doubt. But once he figured this out, or if they confessed to him, he’d encourage them next time to speak their mind. He really does not like things to be left unsaid, and won’t rest easy knowing there’s something bothering his s/o

•Byakuya has this impulse where he reaches out to brush his s/o’s hair if it’s right in front of him. He catches himself as soon as he does it, and often times pulls away out of embarrassment

•One rule Byakuya tries to remind himself of is to “criticize lovingly”. Obviously, he can be very blunt and definitely hurtful. While he won’t be able to hold his tongue on certain subjects when it comes to correcting his s/o or communicating his concerns, he tries as hard as possible to come from a caring perspective. It’s all in the name of making certain his s/o is safe and he’ll try to convey that to them when he can, but it’s still a little difficult because of his arrogance and pride


•His pace is actually fairly slow, or at least moderate. He prefers the deep and intent thrusts, especially if it’s sensual and romantic sex. Otherwise, he can definitely keep up the pace. He just prefers the prior 

•Low key really into spanking. It’s his mild form of “punishment” since he’s a little apprehensive to delve into anything too bdsm. It’s a tactic he uses during foreplay while he whispers into their ear, stuff like “You’re so wet/hard” or “I can feel how excited you are” and then gives them a nice hard spank. Might also go for it while he’s actually thrusting into them. He likes the way they clench up around him when he gives them a surprise spank

•Byakuya often comes home late in the middle of the night, if he comes home at all. On nights that he’s in the mood, it’s difficult for him to suppress his urges, but he will. Though when getting in bed and snuggling up with his partner, they might be able to feel his hands wandering a bit too much when he’s trying to get comfortable, or might even feel his hard-on if it’s that urgent. He wouldn’t suggest sex on his own, but if his partner was stirred awake and initiated it, he wouldn’t protest at all

•He lovessss lips. It’s a reason he might consider himself more a receiver when it comes to oral. He loves watching his partner’s lips slide up and down, but it makes it so difficult not to come. So it’s bittersweet when he wants to watch

•Also loves when his partner swallows. He realizes not all people are willing to, so he won’t protest against it, but won’t protest for it either. If anything, he’d put up a front of not liking it. He carries himself as proud and refined, so he figures the idea of swallowing should be vulgar and inappropriate to him, but he just loves it. He loves the feeling and even the idea of it