•Dick is pretty big, it’s the girth that makes it look nice, though he’s not lacking in length either. He’s bigger than 6 inches, probably pushing to 6.5

•He has the type of dick that’s thicker in the middle, but also has a thick head, so it’s like double the thicc, it’s bound to hit a good spot inside you

•The head is kind of red, or just a tan looking color

•Carpet does match the drapes, it’s a little curly and wild

•His dick is a little curved? Just slightly to the left

•There’s this spot on the underside right in the middle that’s just overly sensitive, to the point it might start to hurt if his partner paid enough attention to it. You’d know it was sensitive because he can’t help but twitch everytime it’s touched

•Cum is very thick, but he doesn’t cum that much