there’s this guy that I know like we just started hanging out through another friend but I swear to god he is real life Aomine. Just idk. The way I imagine Aomine is the way this guy acts. He tries to be smooth but he fucks up every time. He’s so AGGRESSIVE too. Like we played volleyball together and he got all pissed that I was beating him so he tried to spike the ball as hard as possible and listen he hit the ball so hard it bounced off the floor came back and hit him straight in the face and that shit SOUNDED like it hurt. He always sits with me when our squad goes to eat dinner too, like if one of my friends sits next to me, he pushes their plate to the other side so he can claim his spot beside me. Introduces me to everyone as his girlfriend, and when I say “nope I’m not his girlfriend” he’s all like “damn babe stop playing you know I hate it when you do that”. I’ll also talk about how hot one of our other friends is and he gets all flustered like “nah trust me he ain’t shit” and when I ask him why, he’s just like “Because he’s not me, Jordan.”