Ayyyy thank ya @daily-dose-of-naruto for tagging me

Rules: Answer the question and tag 10 people you want to get to know better

Gender/Pronouns: Female

Relationship status: Complicated (((((((((:

Zodiac: Leo

Pets: used to have a doggie and a hedgehog but they both passed away this year ))))): I am getting a macaw soon though. My grandma loves birds and we’re gonna get our cute macaw and it’s gonna be cute 

Wake up times: anywhere from 7-noon tbh 

Love or lust: Oooooooo idk it’s a mix of both for me. Probably love though

Lemonade or tea: Tea bruh sweet tea is my shit

Cats or dogs: Definitely dogs

Text or call: Texting

Met a celebrity: Nahhh

Light or dark hair: I have brown hair with blonde balayage. So I pretty much like both

Short or tall: I’m fairly tall, about 5′6″

Chapstick or lipstick: I’ve become obssessed with liquid lipstick

City or country: City girl

Last song I listened to: G.O.M.D by J. Cole

I’m tagging: I usually just say whoever wants to do it can, but I’ll pick at the top of my head okay let’s see

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