•He thinks jealousy is silly, and is more likely to contemplate it then act out in it, at least at first. Especially if his s/o is trying to make him jealous . He’s not likely to fall for it, but Kakashi being Kakashi, he’ll let them continue the act just so they get frustrated that he’s not noticing or reacting. He’ll really wait it out and let them embarrass themselves. But if he’s jealous for reasons they’re not aware of, it gets a bit more serious

•There’s always a part of him that thinks or knows he’s doing something wrong in the relationship, so he’ll start wondering if that’s finally pushed his s/o to explore other options, whether it be another person or if they’re just spending too much time away from him

•He’ll play it off casually, ask them randomly one day “You’re out and about more often these days. I’m not that bad of company, am I?

•In general he plays if off as no big deal, but he can get quite invested if it comes down to it, especially if he’s already warned his s/o about it or expressed his concerns. It’s then he’ll feel like they’re doing it on purpose or just undermining his feelings, so he’ll really get his point across and tell them what’s bothering him, though still carefully, because he doesn’t like blowing the situation out of proportion

•Also takes a bit if a detective approach. If he suspects something is going on he can’t help but follow them around just to see what’s up. Find him behind trees and hovering inside of shops just so can watch what his s/o is up to from afar. Though he tries to cover it up by stuffing his nose in a book (and of course it’s Icha Icha so it’s not like he’s inconspicuous about it???)

•If someone were to be flirting and getting much too comfortable with his s/o while Kakashi was literally right in front of them, Kakashi would put an end to it. He’s pretty savage, but in a smooth way. He’d be the type to come intervene like “Oh! I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, I’m ______’s boyfriend.” Then he’d take his s/o by the arm or lead them away by the shoulder like “We’ve got to get going now, great meeting you though. Bye.” 


•Feels the sting of jealousy much too easily. Whether it’s because his s/o isn’t paying attention to him or he feels insecure because there’s a better option out there

•He’ll fight hard to convince himself there’s no reason to feel jealous, especially if his s/o is loyal and innocent. It’ll make him feel guilty that he’s doubting them. However, if there’s a valid reason for his jealousy, it’s equally as frustrating because he feels like the trust he put in them is being broken? That’s a little extreme, but Obito takes these situations to a further extent that normal

•He’ll sulk for a while, trying to decide what to do, feeling a little sheepish and daunted to bring it up out of fear of angering his s/o. It’s only if they’re blatantly trying to make him jealous that he won’t delay the confrontation. He’ll get irritated and will pretty much come at them very flustered and chaotic since he’s let it built up so much

•He might also go to investigate if he’s feeling especially jealous and wants to see what his s/o is up to. It’s one of those situations where he knows it’ll frustrate him, so he doesn’t know why he does it. He’s likely to take offense in every little thing, even if it’s his s/o having a casual conversation with someone for a little too long. He just wonders if that other person is somehow reeling his s/o in

•To make up for any insecurities and doubts he’s feeling, Obito will try to reach for that small part of him that knows it’s just paranoia eating at him. To assist that, he’ll pay much more attention to his s/o, hang around them more, try to plan dates and activities