Oooooooo v nice


•Makishima either has a very tight face, with his eyes closed and his lips pulled back, or it’s one of those unnaturally stoic faces, where he doesn’t seem provoked at all. He’s more likely to let out a long sigh with the latter though. He’s not that expressive, but during orgasm it’s either sounds or faces that are present, one or the other, not always both

•Honestly doesn’t say anything. He’s not really one to dirty talk and the most verbal thing he’d give you is a drawled out “ahhhh”

•Building up to the climax, his breath might go a little ragged, but he breathes through his nose so it sounds extra strained

•While he’s climaxing his breath catches, and that’s when he’s mostly silent


•He shuts his eyes tight and probably bites his lip. It probably looks like he’s in pain. If he needs to watch his partner when he’s coming, he’ll at least close one eye. Gives him that disheveled look 

•Itachi is pretty broken up when he’s coming so it’s not likely he’ll have the will to speak, but it does slip out sometimes. A little “yes” or “shit” will struggle out of his throat

•He pants quite a lot. Pants, groans, choked whimpers, grunts. It’s mostly panting and choppy groans when he’s about to orgasm though

•So if we’re talking Itachi while he’s still plagued by that illness, he’ll start coughing a bit after the orgasm. The strain on his lungs and body in general just gets to him. Not very sexy but it might happen if the sex was really good and exhausting


•He gets this ridiculous smile or grin on his face when he comes. It’s a little odd and overbearing, even a little unnerving. He’s just so caught up in coming. He rarely has orgasms that don’t drive him absolutely wild 

•Lots of moans and groans, and will also shout out that he’s coming when he’s close. He’s so in glee that it might come out more like an exuberant scream or something 

•Pants like a dog. Loud groans and moans, little cries here and there when something feels good

•Could also just say a string of things, like “yes yes yes yes” if he’s really into the sex