•Gaara will be quite lost, not for lack of caring , but he’s just uncertain what he should do beyond making sure the baby is safe, well fed, and changed. Being a newborn, Gaara would probably imagine there’s not much to taking care of them, but he’d be surprised when they started crying and whining. He’d check the diaper and make sure they were clean, and would feed them if he saw they were still crying. But if they’re still crying, he’s gonna panic

•He’d sit the baby down and try to figure out how to entertain and distract them. It’ll start off accidental, with Gaara brushing the hair on their face or wiping food off of their nose, and say the baby giggles a little. Something random like that, then when the baby starts laughing an having fun, Gaara gets this little giddy smile on his face because it’s exciting and so cute like wow! His baby giggling!!!! Ah!!!!!!

•Then he’ll start playing with baby, holding the baby and bouncing him a little, maybe making little sand figures to dance around the baby. Maybe trying something like peek a boo but failing because Gaara looks so stoic. Possibly ends up scaring the baby

•He’ll sit there and rock the baby to sleep for hours if necessary. Gaara just likes watching them, memorizing their features, soft and innocent and cute. It just really makes him feel proud that it’s his baby and happy that he has a chance to hold them like this. Gaara’s s/o would probably come home to both of them sleeping. Gaara with the baby on his chest, resting on the couch or the floor. So cute