Kiba is of course delighted. Would try to set up a ‘play date’ with your dogs and Akamaru. You might find he starts coming over more often just for the dogs. He’ll joke about taking one of them home with him but don’t think he’s just joking, he will do it

Kankuro likes dogs but 6 might throw him for a loop. How do you keep up with the hair? What about all the barking? He’ll be more curious than anything. I can also seem him taking a liking to one dog in particular, one of the calmer dogs, if his s/o had one. He’s secretly a sucker for lap dogs, the little cute ones. He loves it when they jump up onto him and just rest on him omg

Shisui really likes dogs, big dogs especially. Small dogs and puppies are cute too but he kinda likes rough housing around with bigger dogs, playing around and even wrestling with them. But too many dogs overwhelm him because he literally can’t focus on anything else

Suigestu is honestly not a big fan of dogs or pets in general. Internally, and he’ll never admit it, he’d be worried they would attack him or something. He’d probably sooner convince you he’s allergic so you keep them away, but really he’s just a wuss. He’ll also probably antagonize your dogs, like if they start barking he’ll bark back, but jumps away and squeals if they try to snap at him