•He might think it’s pretty cute, and also convenient since he has such an extroverted personality. He doesn’t have to worry about their personality clashing with his in that sense

•But it also causes problems, because he’s concerned he might make them uncomfortable. Something might excite him and he’ll suddely get a little obnoxious, then he’ll notice his s/o kind of draws into themselves on account of his hoopla. It’s at that point he’d learn that he needed to calm down

•It’s difficult for him to bubble down on the enthusiasm though, so he’d be a little awkward and antsy because he can’t help but get excited about certain stuff. But he’d force himself to settle down anyway to hopefully ease his s/o out of their shell, or at least gradually let them acclimate to his personality

•He substitutes actual dates for nice walks and just hanging out at one of their houses, even though he prefers actual outing dates. He’ll realize that quiet and private dates in lieu of anything too out in the open will probably make them more comfortable, so he’d deal with it

•He’ll ease into holding their hand too. That’s probably the first step to any affection he would take. He’s pretty nervous though, like screaming internally when he’s about to take their hand in his. But when they accept and fold their fingers with his he blushes so much

•Only gives them kisses on the cheek. He swears kisses are gross and mushy and all that, but with a shy s/o, he’ll want to do something nice for them, and won’t feel as stubborn about showing them affection

•He gets a little overprotective of them, simply because he knows their shy demeanor might attract attention and that they probably won’t do much to defend themselves if it came down to it. Not just that, he’ll be able to tell if they’re in stressful situations, like in a crowd or in a conversation they’re feel forced to be in. Boruto will swoop in to save the day, albeit a little chaotically, but as long as he gets them out of that situation, he’s happy