•He’s surprised at first, just kind of trying to wrap his head around it. He’d probably have the sense to realize there might be something more that he’s not seeing, so he’s very contemplative and skeptic at first

•After seeing there was probable cause to be suspicious though, he’d start worrying. He wouldn’t confront her immediately. He might spend a day or two inspecting her to see if she was acting differently. That might not be the case, considering it’s her brother. After all, she has no reason to act different right? But unaware of that, Kakashi will really start to wonder what’s going on if she’s playing it off so well

•He wouldn’t wait too long to ask her about it. And it won’t be in an accusatory manner either. He’d just tell her that he wanted to talk about something, and ask if she had anything she wanted to confess first. He might get a little peeved when she says ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’. He just thinks, does she really think I’m that stupid? In that case he’d raise his voice a little

•But in the end he’d just say something like “_____, just be honest with me”. It’s at that point he’d probably come out and tell her that he saw her with another man. After that was all cleared up, and he found it was her brother, he’d feel pretty dumb

•He’d hate it if she brought it up again later though. Sure, she’d probably use it to tease him, and while he’d play along, it internally irritates him a little because he just remembers how foolish it was


•Itachi is exceptionally calm, though there’s bubbling suspicion and concern that runs through him from the start. He’d plan to speak to her as soon as possible, just to clear up everything fast so it doesn’t build on him

•He’d only start thinking that she was cheating once the pieces started falling into place. Itachi’s never seen this guy before. He probably came across them by accident, when he wasn’t supposed to. She was being intimate with him in private. Textbook suspicious activity, right?

•He’ll start considering what he could have possibly done to instigate this, and will become frustrated when he realizes there’s very little he could have done. So that means that she just did it on her own out of some greedy desire to want more than what Itachi was offering, and he’d hate that

•It’s because of this building frustration he’d be a little cold when confronting her, but still civil. He wouldn’t tell her beforehand that he wanted to speak with her. It would just be when they were hanging out already, he’d bring it up out of the blue. He’d hope that without preparation, the truth would come out easier. Then he’d tell her that he knew there was something going on, and he needed to know the details

•I think once he saw she was confused and startled, he’d start doubting that she was ever cheating on him. He’s very good at reading people, and would likely be able to tell early on that she truly was thrown for a loop

•He’d still inquire though, and once she explained that it was just her brother, he’d be more relieved than anything. But of course, he’d still feel a little dumb. And guilty. Would likely apologize for jumping to conclusions, and start inquiring about her brother, asking when he would be able to meet him


•Is infuriated almost immediately. He’d panic and want to confront both of them at the same time, but he’d hold himself back. He’d feel impetuous and mindless for falling into panic, which would in turn lead to him storming off and sulking about it

•Someone is bound to notice this mood, unless of course he’s isolated himself. If anyone inquired on his cold demeanor he’d snap at them. He’d also probably end up spewing “none of your business” at one point. As much as he’d like to rant and rave about it, it’s just an embarrassing situation. How awful would it be if the word got out that his s/o was cheating on him?

•But there is a side that would call for rationality. Could it have just been a mistake? Possibly. But he’s more likely to be caged by frustration and betrayal. Which is why when he approaches her about it, he’s not likely to be civil

•He’ll probably lay into her off the bat. Asking her ‘how could you?’ and ‘why would you do this?’ and ‘how long has this been going on?’

•It’ll just make him more angry when she finally gets a chance to defend herself and tell him that she doesn’t know what’s going on. It’s one thing that she’s out there with another guy and keeping the truth from him, but to be lying to his face? That gets to him the most

•Once she clarifies what’s really going on, Neji just wants the ground to swallow him up. He might apologize if he sees that he really upset her, but otherwise, he’ll probably be a flustered mess. Might just walk off so he could cool down before coming to talk about it later