I match you with Kakashi & Shikamaru!

Kakashi can appreciate your sarcasm. He’d probably need someone to combat his own dry wit when the time came. He probably wouldn’t do well with someone who took him too seriously and found offense in his sarcasm, so it would be nice to have someone chill and comfortable with that

Loyalty is important to Kakashi. He needs that sense of familiarty and trust so he knows he can can count on you, even when you need your own space and you’re not with him. Not that he minds that though, he’d highly appreciate that you could balance your time with him but also be independent. Independence is a great trait, he thinks. He’s not capable of constantly tending to you or the relationship in general, but that by no means entails he won’t care about you or work to keep you happy. He just needs to know he can sit down and have those intellectual conversations with you, or joke around with you, while also knowing it’s okay if he spends some time to himself since you’ll likely want the same thing. But you and Kakashi would have these days where you’re both tantalizingly bored and he’d come up with dumb activities to combat that. Whether that’s playing weird games, like he’ll think of something random like “name as much objects as you can that start with the letter R” or just awkward weird staring contests. Just anything random and whimsical that’s entertaining because it’s so dumb and even childish

Shikamaru also enjoys sarcasm, but there is an extent that he can’t handle. For the most part he’d be okay with it though. If you can handle his droll humor, that’s all he cares about. He’d also feel a little proud that he had a s/o who could be funny but equally kind. It’s a nice balance that he admires and it’s likely you’d get along with the other Konoha crew, which Shikamaru would also like. Of course you’ll get intellectual conversations and arguments from Shikamaru, almost constantly. It’s easy to provoke him into it if you try hard enough, and it’ll last for hours. It’ll also be the source of inside jokes for the two of you, even though the jokes would be perceived as a little harsh by third parties. But really it’s just that sarcasm you two share. You’ll have your own sense of humor that only the two of you understand

Shikamaru’s not social either, not until someone pushes him to be. That would benefit both of you. No going out until both of you really agreed to it. He doesn’t force you to do anything that you don’t want to do, and hopefully you’d offer him the same sentiment because he’s of course lazy as shit. If you were both in a big crowd and you were feeling a little uneasy with how hectic it was, he’d pull you aside and ask if you wanted to get out of there, maybe go somewhere else and chill

Other possible match ups:

Jiraiya was an option because he’d find the sarcasm amusing. He enjoys wit, and intellectual wit at that. He also wouldn’t mind that you were a troublemaker because he’s quite the troublemaker himself. And you’ll probably never be bored with Jiraiya, he always has something fun to do, even if a little mischievous. Only thing is, he’s a bit annoying in terms of you needing space sometimes. He’s a little bothersome

Kankuro could appreciate your humor and the fact you tend to take care of others, because he depends on his s/o a little. But he’s just not capable of deep, intellectual conversations. And any arguments you two have will mostly pertain to stupid stuff