•Makishima won’t be amused and is less likely to play along with their game than he is to let them go. If they want to be childish like that, then he won’t indulge it, won’t reward that behavior

•But if his s/o saw this and tried to come back, he’d still resist and keep up the indifferent facade. The sensual atmosphere might still linger, but it’s the frustration that comes out more for Makishima. There’s a need to remind his s/o that he’s in charge

•He’d really feel undermined that they did that in the first place, so it’s just all about punishing them and reinstating his dominance, letting them know that they shouldn’t expect to trick him and get away with it

•In which case the sex, if it even continues into sex, or just some sexual teasing that ensues, will be tormenting for his partner, and Makishima won’t let them find pleasure that easily, if at all

•Mostly just him tantalizing them with teasing touches, never quite running over the sensitive spots they want him to, and talking down to them most of the time. They’ll hardly be able to pay attention to what he’s saying since they’re so focused on what he’s doing, but he’ll still go into a whole spiel


•He’ll actually find it a little amusing, not exactly understanding what they’re playing at. Might tug on their arm as they’re trying to leave, but otherwise, won’t really stop them. He’ll be irritated, but is also not the type to persist that they stay, mostly because his pride is slightly dented but he’s also not tenacious enough to beg

•But he’s a sport for the most part. He understands the appeal in being a tease, and might enjoy the hard to get act if it wasn’t too annoying

•If his partner left him like that, he’d likely wait until later to finish what they started, teasing them once they came back (or maybe they took mercy on him and came back immediately). That would really be the focus of the sex from that point on. Kisame trying to get them back for being such a tease

•He’d turn the tables on them, though not too much. In general, sex is a good de-stressor for him, and that’s basically it. So he doesn’t really go all out and enjoy the little things like foreplay and teasing and the works. But this time, he’d have a reason to tease

•He’s also not likely to let his partner come, at least not immediately. He’d probably work toward his own orgasm first and then stop, pretending like he was going to leave them unsatisfied. And he very well might. He’s pretty selfish when it comes down to it, so if he didn’t want his partner to come, then they wouldn’t