•Genos won’t mind it too much, but it would easily upset him when it came down to it

•He’d find that he had to watch himself around them, watch what he says or does so he doesn’t trigger them. Which is quite annoying. He might feel like he couldn’t be himself around them, which is never good for Genos

•He’d probably at some point attempt to convey these uneasy feelings to them. But assuming they’re that combative, they might be offended and it would just trigger another little spat. So Genos either learns to keep his mouth shut, or realizes one of the only ways to counter their personality is to be equally combative when the time came, which he’s highly capable of

•But because they also care about others, Genos would hope they cared enough about him to realize that what they were doing was bothering him. So hopefully, that would solve the problem, and they’d ease up a bit

•Even if they didn’t completely tone down the combative nature, if he saw they were at least trying, that would be good enough for him


•It pretty much flies over his head that they’re combative. He just groups them into the “annoying” category of people he knows, so it’s honestly unlikely he’d be able to deal with a s/o who was like that. Mostly because he just wouldn’t pay attention to them

•You’d find that if they were in one of their combative moods and were ranting about something, he’d tune them out completely. Might just walk away from them, effectively angering them even more

•He also forgets what exactly sets them off, mostly for that reason exactly ^ he just doesn’t sit there long enough to listen and get clarification. So he’d constantly be bringing up touchy subjects and instigating them over and over again

•Honestly, the fact they can be combative but still care for others just doesn’t really mean anything to him? Saitama just lacks normal sentiment. He could acknowledge it but won’t exactly see the value. He’ll see more of the combative, annoying characteristic than anything else


•Does not like it at all. He constantly feels like they’re challenging him and that he has to reinstate his worth so it doesn’t hurt his ego

•And that happens quite often because of the type of guy he is. Stubborn, arrogant, always boasting. So in some way, it’s bound to provoke them and they’ll turn combative, effectively making him just as combative

•Arguments will go on forever. He refuses to back down. He can’t just walk away from an argument if he’s annoyed. It just adds fuel to the fire and he needs to be right. He needs to explain to them why they’re being ridiculous, and is very hypocritical when explaining to them that “having a short fuse will take you nowhere in life”

•So someone like that probably wouldn’t work well as his s/o. But as a friend? Sure. He needs something to keep him on his toes, even if it’s not the healthiest of relationships

•At the end of the day, if he could tell they cared about him, he wouldn’t take it too personally. But he’d still refuse to put up a white flag. He’s too stubborn for that