and it’s jordanalexispag

OOOOOOOoooo shit

kakashi vs obito

madara vs gai

sasuke vs itachi

madara vs 5 kage

madara vs like 1/3  of the shinobi alliance (does that count as a fight when he handed them the L of a life time idk)

Sasuke/Itachi vs Kabuto

Jiraiya vs Pein like yo when Jiraiya comes out in sage mode all casual and shit I lose my mind

Killer bee vs Taka

Hashirama vs Madara (specifically the one after Madara leaves the village and takes control of Kurama and hashirama pulls out his sage mode 1000 hands shit AHHHH so live)

also this recent last battle between naruto and sasuke hoooooo my god that shit was so epic

I think my friends and I are going for the slutty cat route this year lmaooooo plus I apparently look like a cat anyway, so why not