I have a few headcanons left but they’re pretty much ready to go, just gotta add a few more details and send them out to you hoes

Box will be open Sunday, October 9th

but this time, like I mentioned in a post a while back, I’m gonna go ahead and try opening the box at two or three different times. It’s bound to be difficult to keep up with it, and there will probably be people who request when it’s not open, but if it means people who normally miss the box opening get to request, I think it’ll be worth it 

So box will be opening at the following times on the 9th:

11 – 11:20 am

4 – 4:20(lol) pm

10 – 10:20 pm

Central time!

Only twenty minutes for each because it fills up fast

If these times seem weird then let me know, because I pretty much just chose randomly. I know this is pretty messy but I know lots of people don’t get to request because of time zones so hopefully this will help a little

Headcanons only, because I’m a slacker and still have scenarios to write. My b

as always, check my rules and masterposts while you’re thinking about what you want to request!!