Ayyyyyy happy early Halloween

Ino goes crazy for decorations. She fluctuates between wanting to make it scary and cute, and ends up throwing in a mix that’s a little confusing. She also says goofy stuff to the kids when she gives out candy, like “So you kids have a big sweet tooth huh? You know that’s bad for you!” but none of the kids care they just want the candy. Sakura probably joins her and they get into little random spats about who should hold the bowl and who should hand out candy. They’re a mess. Both dress in cute witch outfits though

Asuma and Kurenai take Mirai out for halloween and they’ll both dress up in dorky outfits together. Like two big M&M’s and Mirai as a little M&M 

Jiraiya of course tries to hit on the moms that come with their kids, but Tsunade will set him straight because “don’t do that in front of the children!” Tsunade won’t really dress up because she’s not a big fan of Halloween, but she enjoys the festivities nonethless

Choji had the hook ups with the snacks and candy. He probably wouldn’t want to dress up as anything, maybe a pumpkin

Itachi, Tenten, and Hinata would also love passing out candy to the kids. Tenten will set a limit on how much they can take, but Itachi and Hinata are suckers for kids so they just let them pick what candy they like. I can also see Hinata dressing up in something cute like a bunny outfit

Sasuke won’t participate, he’ll just go along with it. The most he’d do is watch whatever scary move was brought along and he’s not likely to get scared of that either. If anything, it’ll annoy him and he’ll dip halfway through. As for those scary movies, someone probably brought some classic kids stuff like Hocus Pocus or Halloween Town High. But everyone complained that the latter was too corny, so Kakashi and Genma decided to bring in the scary movies. Probably had them watching Poltergeist, Paranormal Activity, and binge watching AHS. Scares the hell out of 70% of the gang. Hinata cried. Naruto almost did too 

Shikamaru hates Halloween. Too many annoying kids. The last anyone ever heard of him was “I’ll go get more candy” and he never came back. Fell asleep somewhere

I don’t really think anyone goes trick or treating. I’d say Lee tried to get everyone to go, to reinstate their “youth", but after Neji yelled at him, and no one wanted to go, he just settled to pass out stuff to the kids. But both Lee and Gai try to slip them some healthy snacks. They’re the ones that hand out and apples and shit

Naruto, Kiba, and probably Tsunade, would low key pluck pieces of candy from the bowl and would probably accumulate a nice pile by the end of the night. Naruto and Kiba might try to trick or treat though. They start plotting to get shitty outfits like bed sheets for ghosts, and go around getting candy, but they’re too big for that. None of them are real enough to go trick or treating at their age tbh

Shino doesn’t really want anything to do with Halloween. Too chaotic. But he does have a small sweet tooth, so when there’s a bunch of candy around him he can’t resist. So he’ll also pluck a few pieces here and there

The sand siblings participate too. Kankuro offers face painting for the kids, Temari would give out candy. Gaara might too, but he’d also prefer to sit back and just watch the festivities