Hisagi Shuuhei

•Probably a good 6 inches exactly, and nice girth. Not too big, but nowhere near skinny either

•He’s most sensitive around the balls. Doesn’t have to be the balls exactly, but the space between the balls and the bottom of his dick. Lick there and he goes wild

•But the tip is also very sensitive, almost the point that it’s not pleasurable when his partner’s tongue is running all over it. It’s almost like hypersensitivity? It can still feel good, but he’d have to move his partner’s head or tell them to chill out if they were sucking on the head too much

•He has a little tuft of hair just around the base of his dick, but otherwise, it’s not that bad at all. He gets embarrassed by it though, and since it is so close to the base, he worries his partner might accidentally get pubes all over them when giving him head. So he’s more likely to shave than leave it like that

•Very faint curve upward

•He comes in decent amounts, more when it’s been a long time since he’s gotten off. It’s pretty white, kinda thick, but the taste isn’t that great