•Iruka has never claimed to be a gifted sexter and for good reason. He just has trouble thinking of dirty stuff? He’s afraid if he goes overboard his partner will think he’s too wild, but on the other hand, they might think he’s too corny and too bland, depending on what he says

•There are times he finds a really good median between corny and sexy. Saying stuff like “can’t wait to see you tonight ;)” and “hope you’re free after work ;)”

•But sometimes it’s just pretty corny, like he’ll send “(.)(.)?” because he’s too afraid of saying “how about some boob?” which sounds just as bad tbh. But if his partner had them, he’d want to see their boobs. That’s his number one nude shot

•He’s less likely to do it while there are people around. Which definitely takes away the risk factor that should be appealing, but he just can’t do it. He’d probably slip into a bathroom or an empty hall and reply to his partner before going back to work

•He probably got nudes in class once and immediately paled. All his students asked what was wrong with him and he was like just like ‘uhhhhhh I’ll be right back’. Promptly rushed to the bathroom and into a stall while panicking hardcore, trying to figure out what to do

•And he’s probably hesitant to return nudes. One, because it’s risky and anyone could catch him. Two, he can never get the angles right. He’ll take 20 pictures and not like the way they look (this also becomes a problem because he forgets to erase them sometimes and if someone opens his phone and sees them then whoops) and he’s also pretty traditional, just prefers seeing the real thing to pictures, and would rather his partner wait to see him nude when they’re actually in the bedroom so he doesn’t have to sweat over angles and lighting and all that jazz