ayyy thank you guys so much omg omg ❤ I’m glad you liked it!

))))): I’m sorry fam. I do have a lot of requests right now so the box won’t be open for a while, but I’ll do it the same way next time too, hopefully you’ll get the chance

Ooooooo oh my 

Well first off thanks! I try to get into the tense and angsty stuff, like arguments (I think that’s what you mean) because it’s my fav to write. But for that specifically, I like to imagine a lot of it is fast paced, so I try to keep the action or thoughts between dialogue to a minimum, unless it’s like a character really contemplating something that will add to whatever he’s about to say or even the expression on his face. Like if he’s starting to think of something that angers him then he’ll look frustrated, but if he’s thinking of something upsetting, maybe he’ll look a little sad. I also bold all the dialogue, so that I can just read over that by itself later to see if it all fits? Sometimes you don’t catch whether or not a piece of dialogue fits in a story because it’s interrupted by action or something else. So I just read over the dialogue only, to make sure it flows and makes sense. Hope this was useful? Thanks again!

bruh I eat out too damn much. I live on the edge of campus and there’s a long strip of restaurants and shit right next to my dorm so I literally walk 2 minutes out and I have so many options omg I need to stop before I get this freshman 15