Omg yassssss and thank you ❤

Okay so really you can’t get a fucking bad picture of Sasuke he always looks so perfect. That brooding face just leaves no room for flaws? He looks like he’s constantly posing, even though he hates pictures, so this is only when other people are taking pics of him/with him

Ino only take selfies from her “good side”. She’s convinced she has one but literally anyone else will tell her there’s no difference

Kiba’s always flexing in his selfies but he doesn’t have as much gains as he thinks he does

Rock Lee doesn’t always take selfies himself but he’s that dude in the background of everyone’s pictures with a blurred face because he’s always in motion

Hanabi takes the cutest selfies like she’s the girl everyone looks at like “SHE’S ONLY 12 AND SHE’S PRETTIER THAN ME”

Deidara spends too long trying to make his selfies look aesthetic that he doesn’t realize they just look weird

Also take note that Itachi and Sasuke would take the smoothest selfies together. #Uchihabrothersslay. And Shisui comes in so it’s like 3x as fine

Hinata takes really cute pictures, but they’re mirror pics and her camera accidentally covers her face. But it just looks purposely aesthetic, so it would kinda become her trademark. Lookin all shy but mysterious and what not. Could take the award for best selfies?

Naruto takes pretty good selfies. He looks so energetic and happy and they’re always action shots. Like not just taking selfies, he’s got his own go pro and records himself bungee jumping and shit, like I know that’s specific but I can totally imagine him doing that