I do not, I have a list of fandoms I write for here!

I think I have heard one or two songs before because I had a friend who was super into it, but I just didn’t like it :/ I might check it out though, thanks!

So as far as I know, there’s not that much said about Jashinism specifically, just that Hidan is crazy into it and that he was basically the product of Jashin rituals? Like I guess he was an experiment for other Jashinism followers and that’s how he received immortality. I’m pretty sure the reason he kills is to sacrifice to Jashin? It’s basically a religion that’s just all about death and carnage and destruction, that’s why Hidan is like that. I could be wrong but I just know there’s not much said about it in the manga or anime

Hmmmm I went through a huge SNK stage so I have quite a lot to write for that, but it’s not requested as much, so maybe SNK?