•He’s pretty confident tbh. Of course he’s a dork and he gets a little too excited sometimes, but otherwise he’s pretty normal. Just his enthusiastic, hospitable self

•But you’d be able to tell he was crushing hard on someone. Like if they’re hanging out in a big group of people, he’s the type to strike up a conversation with them specifically rather than address the group as a whole, if that makes sense. He kinda has tunnel vision when it comes to his crush

•Hashirama also goes through this phase where he wonders if he has a crush on them, or if he just likes being in their company, and the fact he might find them attractive is just a little bonus. He wants to make sure he liked them before pursuing anything. Like he can settle with having them just as a friend. But if he can tell he has strong feelings for them, he understands it’s a crush

•His flirting is less suave and more casual. His idea of flirting is just being friendly tbh. So it’s a little difficult to really know that he’s flirting since Hashirama is one of the friendliest guys out there. And he probably knows that too, but he’s just too modest to go overboard

•In the end, Hashirama is the guy to pretty much just tell his crush that he likes them. Like one day when he’s walking them home or something, he just kinda spills the beans. Tells them he thinks they’re really great and that he’s had a thing for them. And honestly like… How do you not like Hashirama? He’s so amazing? So it’ll probably work out for him


•Iruka gets all flustered and antsy when his crush comes around. He’s just silently hoping he doesn’t say something stupid. Which is why he’s likely to stay quiet unless they speak to him directly. He’d also feel more comfortable around them when they’re in a crowd, like a group of friends

•The first time he has any sort of physical contact with his crush, he just blushes like crazy. Which is why it’s probably best he not be in close proximity of them. Like if they sit down next to him and their leg brushes against his, he’s just like hooooooo my god

•Honestly, the first phase of having a crush is the worst for him because of all that anxiety and awkwardness (though that’s never completely gone no matter how long he’s had a crush on them). But after he acclimates, he’s not as fidgety and he learns to calm down. That’s when he can actually fathom flirting

•He comes off as the docile, gentle guy. And that’s not really far off from his true personality anyway, so it’s not like he’s false advertising. The shy demeanor can be really attractive, if you’re into that sort of thing

•Like he can’t even look at his crush, not even when they’re speaking to each other. He can’t keep eye contact because he’s too intimidated, so his eyes are constantly glancing everywhere but at them

•Just so sweet. Like once he feels like his crush might be getting used to his affections and might even like him back, he’s very open with his feelings, or at least he doesn’t try to hide the fact that he’s fond of them. Sends them good morning and good night texts, replies to their messages way too fast. He’s too eager and honest to pull the “I’ll reply 20 minutes later so I look chill and not too desperate" thing


•He’s always around. It’s impossible for his crush not to notice him. He always makes an impression. Which means he won’t really have to try hard to gain their attention because chances are, the second he meets them, they’ll have it. They’d be blind not to notice Gai’s crush off the bat

•Doesn’t matter where they are. They might be in a shop and he’ll pop in like “Ah! _______-san! What a surprise that you would be here!“ 

•He tries to show off, but not in a super cocky way. He’d just be extra obnoxious, especially about his rivalry with “the one and only Kakashi Hatake!”. Kakashi would also notice that Gai was crushing on them at some point. But when confronted, Gai just doesn’t really understand? He doesn’t understand the idea of a crush in general tbh. He just thinks they’re great and it’s impossible for anybody not to like them?

•Gai’s not all theatrics though. He can be a bit smooth. He’s capable of casual conversation, and if he can tell his crush is more introverted, he’d dial down his enthusiasm just so it didn’t rattle them

•Definitely might present them with flowers at random. Especially if he knows his secret (not really a secret to him obviously) is already out. If people know he has a little “crush”, as they call it, then there’s no need to stand back and waste time when he could be showing them affection, right? They should expect a bouquet on the daily tbh