I didn’t know if you meant NSFW or SFW so I kinda did general, and maybe nsfwish?


Turn ons

•Someone who’s comfortable with their sexuality/sensuality. That’s a pretty Jiraiya thing to say, but hey, he likes it. But there’s also an extent to where he thinks it’s a little too much

•Good kissers

•Avid readers

•A great sense of humor, but they’d have to be able to adapt to his sense of humor, because it’s a little odd and even wild

•You’d think his favorite type would be an airhead or a ditz, but he’s highly attracted to someone intelligent

Turn offs

•People who are snobbish. Jiraiya will go on for hours about how great he is, with all flashy and smug antics to the max. But at the end of the day, he’s just messing around. So someone who was really like that would annoy him

•People who don’t listen to him. He knows he can go on and on about stupid stuff and that it’s inevitable someone will zone out at some point. But if he’s telling someone a story and they interrupt with something off topic like “I gotta go get groceries later” and don’t like apologize for interrupting and ask him to continue, then it just annoys him. It’s like they don’t care

•Someone uptight and who gets too offended by everything. That’s a broad statement and a little unfair, but it’s difficult for Jiraiya to get along with someone who didn’t know how to loosen up and realize he was just being an ass sometimes


Turn ons:

•Energetic, bubbly people. That way he doesn’t feel like a total dork when he gets all excited about something

•Kindness in general. He’d like knowing he had a generous and selfless s/o

•A great smile

•Someone loyal and honest

•Also ambition. Lee feels like everyone needs to have aspirations and that they should actively work toward them

•They don’t have to necessarily engage in his crazy workouts and routines, but he’d like it if they tried? Or at least showed some interest. But it would be a plus if they really did join him 

Turn offs

•Mean people. Like he just doesn’t like them. He can deal with irritable people like Neji, but particularly mean and malicious people, nah

•Someone who’s too dependent on others. Lee wouldn’t mind a s/o who depended on him sometimes, but he’d just feel too obligated to do things for them. It also goes back to how he likes ambitious people. He wants to see them work for stuff on their own

•Because he’d like it if a potential s/o tried to work out with him, he doesn’t like people who are lazy 

•People with no manners

•Manipulative people


Turn ons

•Really likes someone confident. Not conceited though. There’s definitely a fine line between the two

•A great pair of legs tbh

•Also someone who smells good?

•He likes someone who’s easy on the eyes

•Also kinda particular about fashion? Someone with a nice, but casual sense of fashion is a turn on

Turn offs

•People who are nosy. Yamato values his privacy. And while he wouldn’t really keep secrets from you, he just wouldn’t want you prying or getting too persistent if he chose to keep something to himself. He just thinks it’s rude and untrusting

•Also can’t really deal with someone who’s very talkative. He thinks it’s a little annoying

•When people are too touchy? Like get in his personal space, especially if they’re not very familiar with each other

•Messy eaters

•Picky eaters