•A lot of his “dirty talk” is just saucy talk before the sex actually starts. Like when his partner comes home and he takes them in his arms and asks them how their day was, how they’re feeling, and that if they’re not too busy, maybe they could ‘relax’ together

•He’s not very big on dirty talk in general, it would only be if he were extremely comfortable with his partner and they’d been together for a while. Otherwise he just feels dirty, and maybe even a little guilty about possibly saying something too harsh or too vulgar

•He’s not very creative when it comes to dirty talking anyway. He’s more likely to get into it if his partner goads him and instigates it, like “Tell me what you want Ginoza"

•That way he has something to go off of, and he doesn’t have to be super vulgar about it, He can say stuff like “I want you” “I want you to moan for me” and “I want to be inside you”

•He doesn’t cuss much but he will if something feels really good. May not count exactly as dirty talk, but coming from Ginoza it’s surprising and a little hot

•He whispers a lot of his dirty talk. Not necessarily to be sexy, but he loses his voice when he starts focusing on the sex and pleasure

•A lot of it is also commentary too. Like “You feel a lot tighter today” or “A bit too eager aren’t you?”