•He really doesn’t like it. He’s very much for marrying out of love. He’d want to be with a partner he had feelings for. So an arranged marriage will be difficult for him, and he’ll refuse as much as he can unless it’s for an important cause

•He’s a little intimidated by his spouse at first, very shy. He doesn’t want to upset them in any way and hopes they don’t hate them

•He’s very shy with his spouse. He might try to speak with them and make conversation, and depending on how they respond, he might learn just to leave them alone. If they’re kind and open, he has no problem at least getting to know them. But he knows they probably aren’t happy about the marriage either, so he treads carefully, knowing there’s a high possibility that they could end up resenting him. And he doesn’t like that

•But being marriage, Obito will still feel it’s his duty to be a good husband and will try anyway. He gets a little protective of them. Not really because he wants to be (unless he really does like them, in which case that’s guaranteed) because he figures if he needs to carry the responsibilities of a proper husband, he needs to watch out for them. He’d probably do that for anyone else too, just because he’s a generous type of guy. But with his spouse, it’s important

•But that makes him a little dorky too. Like if his spouse is also a shinobi and they’re about to go out on a mission, Obito gets all flustered because he doesn’t know how to say bye to them. Good luck? I hope you come back safe? Be careful? Should I try to get assigned to this mission with you??? Again, this becomes more of a problem if he really likes them because like, this is a new marriage, he’s starting to fall for this person, and they’re about to go off on a mission and he just freaks out because what if he loses them?


•As long as his soon to be spouse is decent, Itachi will endure it. But in general, the idea of an arranged marriage is just displeasing. It’s likely to be for Uchiha reasons or village reasons, so he knows it’s his duty, but he’d still be unsettled that he had to do it in the first place. Itachi can be stubborn though, so if he was able to get out of the arranged marriage, he would. He’d only speak up about that if it was an Uchiha thing and he had to defy his father. It would be tense, but if he didn’t like the idea of it and he didn’t want to marry this person, he wouldn’t. But if it was for a grander scheme like the village, he’d probably settle to endure it

•Because of that duty comes first mentality, he’ll treat his spouse well and won’t ever take any of the frustrations about their situation out on them. As long as they don’t give him an actual reason to not like them, Itachi is sincerely civil

•He’ll even have a private chat with them before the wedding day. Just to get any lingering tension off his chest and explain that he knows this is a little weird, but if they want to try, then so will he. He figures it’s best to put them on civil terms from the start

•Itachi might take up to them if they’re appealing (personality wise, but if they’re easy on the eyes then hey that’s cool too) but he’s not going to fall in love with them or anything. At least not at first. It would be a slow process, even if they were amazing and ended up being someone he really thought he could spend the rest of his life with. It’ll probably be a few years down the line

•But he wants to make sure they feel the same way too. That his isolation at the beginning of the marriage didn’t put them off and make them think he hated them or anything like that. Which probably won’t happen. Because again, Itachi can be civil and won’t treat them bad simply because he didn’t like the marriage at first. So they’ll probably have warmed up to Itachi by then and seen him as a good husband


•He also understands the importance of an arranged marriage if it’s meant to appease something. So he puts up with it and doesn’t complain. But he’d want to at least familiarize himself with his future spouse before the actual wedding took place, just so he could know what to expect

•If they were unpleasant and they didn’t click with him, then that sucks. But Shisui knows he can’t really do much about it if it’s for clan reasons. Otherwise, he might silently protest to his parents or whoever arranged it, if that was possible without repercussions

•If they’re not as bad as he anticipated, it’s easier to get along with them. He might consider them more as a friend as first as he’s coming to get used to them. If they’re unpleasant, he’d probably slip away from their house more often than not. Only comes around when it’s necessary for appearances and what not

•But Shisui actually coming to like his spouse is a whole different story. He gets a little excited about spending the rest of his life with someone who he actually likes. And that’s a miracle all in itself because he knows that doesn’t happen often in arranged marriages

•Now Shisui’s pretty forward most of the time. Doesn’t like things left unsaid. Doesn’t like beating around the bush. But when he starts gaining feelings for them, and he can tell they might like him back, he doesn’t say anything about it. The tension is too much for him and he’s afraid he’ll mess up somehow. Which means when the time comes where he does confess and lets them know how he feels, it’s super angsty because everything’s just built up so much