•He actually doesn’t think about his first kiss much. Doesn’t really try to imagine what it’ll be like or plan scenarios in his head. It’s mostly just something that ends up happening, and that’s when he gets all enthused about it. He’ll be like oh!!! This was my first kiss!!! Nice!!!!

•Because of that, he’s actually pretty smooth, not too nervous. His first kiss is actually likely to have been initiated by his partner, because he just doesn’t think about it or stress over it too much. The times he does think about kissing them before that will probably go away fast because he doesn’t want to come onto them or anything. He just sits back and waits until they’re ready, which is why they probably did it first

•He’ll be ultra giddy about it afterward though. Can’t stop himself from chuckling a little and saying something like “Sorry, that caught me by surprise”. He’d probably go back in for another quick kiss, or settle for one on their cheek or forehead

•He’d also end up kissing them back a little later though. Once it’s established that they were on ‘kissing terms’, he’d want to kiss them all the time. Well, maybe not so much that he’s overdoing it. But he’d definitely give them a deep goodbye kiss that night just to test the waters. Maybe one or two goodbye kisses because he can’t help it

•When it comes to his first time, Asura is pretty giddy then too. But he catches on fast. He’ll fumble with his clothes, and his s/o’s clothes too, but otherwise, he calms his anxiety when he puts his mind to it

•He’ll probably come too fast though lol. That’s all his s/o will really have to worry about. He apologizes profusely


•Indra is also more likely to have his first kiss brought about by the other party. He’s too stoic and apathetic to think about affection much, kisses especially, so he just wouldn’t know the right time to do it. He probably doesn’t even realize kissing is something plausible to do until it actually happens

•He’ll be a little startled. When he sees them leaning in he’s like “What are you doing”. But he knows what they’re doing. He knows what a kiss is. He’s just so off guard he has to say something. And he’s pretty tense the entire time. He can’t loosen up

•If he allows the kiss, and they seem to be prolonging it, he’d probably ease into it. Unlike his brother, Indra’s first kiss would be long and deep. He might cup their face in his hand to keep them there. Like, he wouldn’t be enthralled with kisses or anything, but he’s genuinely curious. He’d want to test it and see what it feels like, hence why he keeps it going as long as he sees fit

•If it happened to be a quick kiss and they pulled away from him, he’d be a little irritated tbh. It would just confuse him that it happened so fast and he’d feel like he was stripped of a genuine experience. He also just doesn’t like being caught off guard. Maybe they see this, and go in for another kiss? In which case he’ll take it and kind of shift it to his control, definitely pulling their face in, maybe even holding their chin

•When it comes to his first time, Indra is not very gentle, so his s/o should be careful, especially if it’s their first time too. He’s just kind of awkward and doesn’t know how to go about sex at first. If they want him to take it slow, they have to enforce that as often as possible, or else Indra does away with patience and just gets to the point

•The only redeeming factor is that he usually goes at a slow pace anyway during the actual sex, like his thrusts are gentle and even boring sometimes, so he eases into it