•He’s less than 6 inches, maybe around 5.9

•A little veiny but not too much. If anything it’s just little little veins that pop up in random places, and you can really see them because he’s super pale

•Cum tastes okay. A little translucent and thin

•Carpet definitely matches the drapes. Kinda curly pubes too

•He spills out a lotttttt of precum, and he hates it. If he’s aroused and hasn’t slipped out of his pants yet, it definitely stains 

•He’s not more sensitive in one particular place which is good but also bad. Everything would feel good, but there’s no way you can really really get to him or make him cum faster/harder. Maybe if you paid lots of attention to the head and sucked on it really hard

•He prefers feeling suction on his dick from blowjobs anyway, rather than crazy tongue action