•Gaara can already tell there’s something wrong as soon as they show up to the place. It definitely doesn’t look like a nice restaurant and he’d tell Kankuro that, but Kankuro would just insist they were doing renovations on the outside or something

•And as soon as they step inside Gaara can’t take it all in. People half naked, dancing, too much loud music. It’s just wild. Gaara wouldn’t even be able to protest when Kankuro drags him all the way in

•It’s only when Kankuro sits him down at a table or damn even worse, right near the bottom of the stage that Gaara finally finds the will to speak and he’s just an anxious, confused mess. Asking Kankuro why he did this and what’s going on, telling him he doesn’t like this. All around super uncomfortable

•Kankuro tries to make him relax, which for Gaara, will be impossible. Like imagine Kankuro asking one of the dancers to come over and give Gaara a lap dance. Gaara is going to lose his mind

•Gaara literally pays them to go away. He sits there all stiff and doesn’t even touch them, doesn’t even look at him. Then Kankuro mentions that you have to pay the strippers and Gaara’s like oh. He literally pulls out money and just asks “If I pay you will you get off of me”

•It’s just going to be weird seeing Gaara in a strip club. Like. What is the Kazekage doing in a strip club. Why is he here. Why is he paying strippers to leave him alone. What is that strained look on his face. Why does he look like he’s in pain

•Kankuro will take mercy on him though, and probably get him outta there. He thinks Gaara’s a party pooper though