I’ll do some general or domestic if that’s cool?


•Despite his kekkei genkai, he can’t handle the cold. He’s always trying to get warm and hates it when he’s outside traveling when it’s cold as shit

•Haku has constant bad dreams. They don’t have much correlation with what’s going on his life, so he’s basically just plagued with random, bad dreams. Because of this, there are days he doesn’t get much sleep, and he just walks around in the middle of the night to fend off the bad vibes

•For being so affectionate in his own way, he wouldn’t really understand or enjoy the concept of snuggling or cuddling. He prefers more abstract shows of intimacy and affection for people he cares about. Sometimes the tangible physical stuff seems a little forced to him

•His favorite scent is morning dew and a type of sweet, apple smell? Also honeysuckle

•Hearing other people laugh brings him this odd sense of joy and comfort, but he doesn’t like his own laugh

•In a modern setting he’d enjoy jazz or classical music

•Haku has never really understood the concept of friendship. It just kind of died off after what happened to him as a child. He doesn’t necessarily see Zabuza as a friend either, since he thinks so highly of him. He’d think that was insulting to consider Zabuza as merely his friend? But tbh if Haku made friends, he wouldn’t know whether to be casual or treat them the way he treats Zabuza. Likely choosing the latter, he’d be a devoted, resourceful friend that you could always count on

•He takes very good care of his hair. There’s a reason it’s so pretty

•He’s never had a drop of alcohol in his life but you’d be surprised that he had such high tolerance. Almost impossible to get him drunk