•I really don’t see any scenario where he isn’t overwhelmed with joy and doesn’t start crying on the spot tbh. It’s so exciting!! He’s gonna be a dad!!! He gets to have his own little baby!!! Like for real the tears of joy just burst out and he’ll grab his s/o in a tight ass hug and squeeze until she can’t breathe

•Then he’ll want to tell anyone and everyone about it so he’ll leave for an hour or two to share the news (there’s no way you can get Hashirama to do one of those surprise pregnancy announcements, like as soon as he finds out, Konoha is finding out) then he comes back to his s/o for more hugs and kisses and excitement

•He spends the rest of the day with her. Just talking about baby stuff. Which room will be the baby’s. What toys they should get. What parts of the house they need to baby-proof

•He also spends a good portion of the night on baby names. Thinks of boy names, girl names, unisex names. Picks his favorites then changes his mind because he just doesn’t know! Keeps a list in his head. Might even want to make an actual list 

•His s/o really needs to calm him down but that’ll be difficult. He’s just so happy. At most, she can just tell him not to get too worked up about it. He acts like the baby’s coming in a week. “Still a few months to go, Hashirama”


•So for Tobirama, I honestly don’t see any certain circumstance where he’s very happy about it. It would only be okay if they had actually planned it, but that’s not likely. Even before he became Hokage, he was probably very involved in village work and knew better than to make huge family plans. And as Hokage especially, he just wouldn’t have the time

•So tbh, it’s probably going to be an accident. Or a “surprise”, to make it sound less harsh. He might be upset and apprehensive, mostly because it’s out of nowhere (okay unless his sensory skills came in handy, and he sensed the baby first, so he brings it up) and he just acts out on those emotions from the start

•His immediate reaction is discouraging because he’s just not on board with it. It’s only when he sees he’s upset his s/o and made her anxious/fearful that he’ll feel guilty and take her in his arms to soothe her. He’ll apologize, or explain that while it’s going to be a lot to take in, he’s still going to take care of her and their baby

•And in retrospect, if his s/o knew him well enough, she’d probably know it was risky telling Tobirama about the baby since he wasn’t really on the family train just yet. So maybe she chooses to keep it to herself until she could decide how to tell him and what to do. In that case, the situation where he figures out on his own by sensing the baby makes his reaction even worse. He’d hate that she kept it secret. So he’s even more upset, and the guilt is even more afflicting, because like wow. His s/o couldn’t tell him something that important? Is that how intimidating he is? He feels awful and that’s when he’d definitely comfort and reassure her


•I actually see Madara being quite pleased. “Pleased” being a mild term for happy, though he really is going to be happy if it was planned or if he’d actually wanted a kid. And although Tobirama and Madara seem a bit similar when it comes to these sort of serious situations, Madara is more likely to want a family, and he’d be prepared for one.

•Even if he was very busy (and as leader of the Uchiha clan, of course he is) he’d still like the idea of it. Like let’s just say he’d become Hokage or something—he’d still try to find the time for family, even if it’s not a lot of time. But basically, he’d still enjoy the comfort of knowing he had a family at home waiting for him

•But his reaction will just be categorized as “pleased” if it’s more of a surprise. Again, I can see the happy and excited factor coming into play if he and his s/o were actually looking to have a baby and they’d planned it out

•He’d hug her and maybe place a simple kiss on her forehead, but almost immediately he’d go into some serious talk about plans. Like who’s going to take care of her during the pregnancy if he’s ever away. Tells her that he needs her to watch out for herself when he’s not around

•I can see a complete other reaction for Madara too though. Maybe a bit startled? Caught off guard? At loss for words? Like he’ll just stand there as she tells him, then look at her stomach, and maybe press a palm against it, like he thinks he can feel something already. It just depends on his mood though. Also, on the time period. Pre-Konoha Madara or Mid-Konoha Madara is likely to have this reaction