•Doesn’t have much of a preference toward pets in general, though cat hairs do bother him. Whether it’s random allergies or the hairs just getting everywhere, it’s a bit annoying. He’s more likely to stay clear of her house where the cats are, and if he ever wanted to hang out, he’ll ask her out into the village. He just wouldn’t be able to concentrate at her house. Though it’s not much better if she leaves the house and she’s still got hair clinging to her. She better invest in one of those lint remover things

•Living with Kakashi would be difficult because of that. She’d have to come to a compromise if she owned cats. Maybe as long as she didn’t let any cats into the bedroom then it would be fine? 

•Like he’d be shooing the cats away as often as possible. He’s not mean about it or anything, but he’s just like “Hey hey, you get off of there”

•Occasionally he’ll give in and let a cat curl up on his lap because he admits it is rather cute and relaxing, but the second he starts sneezing or sees they’re getting hair everywhere, he’s like nah, you gotta get off

•Also very heavy on the “cats are mean” spectrum, so if he’s gonna like a cat it’s gotta be nice and not always acting like a little shit

•He does take advantage of that though, and if he ever needed to get her a gift for a special occasion he’ll go the cat route. Not an actual cat, because he doesn’t want to encourage it, but some sort of cat paraphernalia. A bit cliche but Kakashi takes the easy route most of the time