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•It takes an incredibly long time for him to even consider confessing, it’ll probably happen on accident tbh. Because there’s really no way Neji would be able to wrap his head around willingly confessing something that could potentially hurt his pride and embarrass him

•It’s likely happen in a tense moment. It doesn’t have to be an argument, but say for example he’s just said something really dumb and mean to his crush on accident, and in the process of apologizing he might sputter something about not being able to handle it when he’s with them, or something about his feelings making him this way

•He dips pretty fast afterward, specifically if they don’t respond to him out of shock. He just doesn’t want to be there and deal with what he’s done. Too embarrassed. Too proud

•If they prompt him to clarify, Neji will probably try to evade it all together with a “It’s nothing. I meant nothing by it”. But if they keep persisting he just gets angry all over again, which leads him to confess in full

•For someone confessing to him, it definitely depends on whether he reciprocates the feelings. Either way, he’ll probably blush and be at loss for words. But if he does like them, he’ll stutter over his words and try to figure out what to say. He might end up saying some shit that’s not smooth at all, which comes across like he’s rejecting them

•But if he doesn’t like them back, and he’s actually trying to reject them, it’s pretty easy for Neji to express that. He just crosses his arms and gets a little defensive, telling them he doesn’t return their feelings and he can’t see them in any way like that. He’d try to make it a bit cordial and let them down easy if they were his friend though, or if they seemed like a generally decent person. Otherwise, he’s a little blunt and harsh