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Kakashi Hatake

•It depends on what time period we’re talking when his partner mentions having a baby. Because Kakashi as Hokage would probably not be too excited about the idea. He’d barely have time to be with is s/o as much as he’d like to, so the idea of having a baby at home too just doesn’t seem right. A lot of his fears come from the idea of not being there if something goes wrong

•He’ll talk it over with his s/o a lot. Which could entail late night arguments and tension, especially if his s/o really wants a baby. Ultimately, Kakashi is not easily swayed, so if he doesn’t think it’s a good idea, then he’ll tell them that. But if there’s the smallest part of him that doesn’t want to disappoint his s/o, and he’s maybe even a little open to the idea, then sure. He’ll be okay with it. But he’ll be very nervous the whole time, and he’ll have lots of doubts 

•He’d still be a little uncertain even if he wasn’t Hokage. The idea of being a father kind of scares him tbh. He doesn’t know if he’d be a good dad and he doesn’t want to bring a baby in the world only to struggle with fatherhood. But he’s much more likely to be sucked into the idea of having his own baby when the title of Hokage isn’t on his shoulders. If there’s any point in time I can see Kakashi being up for having kids, it’s after he’s retired from his Hokage reign

•Now Kakashi with a baby during his time as Hokage, is a little tricky. Especially since he does tend to slack on work. So he’d be a bit hesitant about his s/o getting pregnant in the first place it if it was planned

•But knowing he has a s/o and child at home stands as an incentive to work harder and get done with his Hokage duties so he can go home to them

•But that doesn’t mean he has a lot of free time anyway. If anything, his family will have to come see him at the Hokage office on slow days if they wanted to see him

•During his s/o’s pregnancy, he’s very nervous. It’s probably the hardest part about the whole thing. He worries about his s/o being home alone and something happening when he’s not there for them. He might even ask someone to go keep watch on his s/o (kinda like what Minato had him do) He just worries something’s going to go wrong and no will be able to reach him in time

•When it gets closer to his s/o’s due date, Kakashi decides he needs to take precautions. He’s constantly asking for updates from any attendants he’s sent to watch his s/o, constantly asking his s/o if they “feel like the baby’s going to pop out today”. He needs to know when it’s going to happen so he can be prepared, even if he knows it’s useless to inquire. He just sits in his office, unable to concentrate on his paperwork because he’s just thinking about the baby. He might even keep a shadow clone at work so he can stay with his s/o in the final days before the due date