•Ah well, seducing his crush seems a bit spicier, but it’s more likely to be riskier, ya feel? He can seduce his s/o all the same, but he doesn’t try as hard. Because he knows he’s already reeled them in. But with a crush, he’s gotta work for that shit

•A lot of his hints and ‘advances’ will be out in the open. He feels like approaching them in private comes off too strong. He is a little hesitant about anyone else possibly noticing he has a crush, but he wants to take it slow at first. So speaking with them in front of their squad or other captains doesn’t bother him that much, he’s pretty comfortable 

•He may or not let his captain outfit hang down a little lower so he can show off those pecs. Or he’ll flex his arms. What a show off

•His small talk turns into flirting, but it’s a smooth transition. The first thing will probably be little compliments he sneaks into conversation, then his comments get bolder

•Eye contact is key, he’s always giving them full attention

•Starts initiating touch when he can. Which leads into some intent physical seduction sooner or later

•Like if he’s getting some good vibes he’ll slip a hand across their waist and pull them close. He’s not all in their face about it, he’d do it while he was making a sly joke or something casual like that. For an even more casual route, he’ll just swing an arm over their shoulder. But to slip into the seductive, flirty side, he might start playing with their hair while he does it

•His voice also goes down an octave when he’s trying to get that deep, husky tone going. It works too. So saucy

•This is all assuming Kensei’s not a flustered mess when he’s around his crush. I honestly think it depends on who his crush is tbh. If they’re introverted, he’ll have to consider his approach so he doesn’t scare them off. If they’re more of an extrovert, he’d be a bit bold

•Either way, rejection is always at the back of his mind. That’s when he’s constantly flustered, because he doesn’t know if and when he’ll fuck up. Such a paranoid guy

•When he is rather flustered, he doesn’t make much progress. He’s the type who would catch his crush’s attention to speak to them, but then when they finally look at him, he’s just like… shit I forgot what I wanted to say. And he just sits there looking all stiff and shit. Then he’ll finally settle for a “Uhhhh nevermind”